Who We Are

Lilly Development Partners LLC

  1. E.Brooks Lilly  Consultant, Lilly Development Partners LLC,

Director of Development, CORE Cashless, Inc.

President, Applied Resources, Inc.

Award Winning Entrepreneur and Innovator

Out-of-Home Entertainment Industry Leader

Always finding a better solution, Brooks has spent his career in technology.  He has developed products for Sunbeam, Steelcase, Sears, Brunswick, Rival, Valley Recreation, Dazey, Toastmaster (McGraw Edison), True Temper, Allegheny International Medical Technology, Chemetron Medical, and Disney Regional Entertainment.  In addition to products, Brooks developed couponing systems, in-store promotions, loyalty programs and rewards programs for McDonald’s and Pacific Theaters before driving the development of the cashless payment system sold by Applied Resources and CORE Cashless and utilized in over 270 entertainment locations worldwide.

Brooks has a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and an M.S. in Marketing from the University of Kansas. 

Shannon Lilly  Consultant, Lilly Development Partners LLC

Managing Director, CORE Cashless, Inc.

Executive Vice President, Applied Resources, Inc.

Logistics Expert

Shannon began her career at Applied Resources in 1997 researching point of sale and cashless systems for a major client in the amusement industry considering expansion.  Quickly becoming an expert in all aspects of the product she turned her attention to the behind-the-scenes process of keeping the wheels turning and the schedules met.  Shannon has managed and overseen budgeting, client communication, production, accounts payable and receivable, human resources, procurement and whatever else needed to be done – while coordinating closely with Brooks as he develops new products and solutions, oversee product development and markets them! 

Shannon is a graduate of Avila University and has a B.A. in English and History. 

Vicki Lilly  Consultant, Lilly Development Partners LLC,
Event Designer and Manager

Non-Profit Leader and Fundraiser

Independent Fundraising Consultant

Web Administrator

Vicki has over 30 years of experience in non-profit leadership and has served as the President of the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, the Arts and Recreation Foundation of Overland Park, the National Panhellenic Conference Foundation, and the Kansas City Ronald McDonald House among others.  As both a paid development professional and a volunteer fundraiser, Vicki has helped organizations raise millions of dollars by designing, organizing and managing special events, phonathons, direct mail solicitations, and annual fund campaigns.  For nearly 2 years, Vicki was Project Manager for E-Commerce for CORE Cashless helping grow the installation by over 200 sites.

A graduate of the University of Kansas with a B.S. in Education (Language Arts), Vicki utilizes her communication skills as a writer, speaker and trainer.  And, she’s really good at managing her time so that she’s always available for a golf game with a client.

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